From the recording Wadadliman Rise Again

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Art ‘SKI’ Halperin: Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Winston ‘SHUGS’ Riley: Bass
George “M 16” Mussington: Drums
Fred Simmons: Trombone
Annie Nungan: Back Vox


Wind of Change
There’s a strong wind of change
That knocked me off of my feet
The stars above are to blame
For bringing me love so sweet

I ask myself, how this spell got cast?
I ask myself, how long can it last?
Will it last forever, will this love ever die?
With a love like this, will we ever say goodbye?

Ever since the day I met you
You opened up a world we both walked through
Together we share secretly, a sacred dream of harmony

I ask myself, how can this be?
I ask myself, how you came to me?
Will this last forever, will this love ever die?
With a love like yours, will we ever say goodbye?

Now there’s happiness in my lonely nights
I’m looking at things in a different light
There’s a magical moon and a mystical sun
And a feeling that life has just begun

Underneath the clear blue skies
I see the light shining in your eyes
Listen to your heart, there’s no doubt
The love we share is what it’s all about

I tell myself this must be real
I tell myself from the way I feel
This will last forever, this love cannot die
With a love this strong, we’ll never say goodbye

Words and Music © 2021 Art Ski Halperin
Sword in the Stone Publishing, ASCAP